Proud Mummy Moment

1 June 2015

Today I have had one of those lovely mummy moments courtesy of my middle son, the same son who defied odds to get where he is. This boy had been:-

  • Passed from pillar to post as a baby due to his brother being in hospital a lot.
  • Suffered suicidal thoughts after enduring bullying at school (at which time I was broken, for him and me, it is an horrendous thing for anybody to go through and all I wanted to do was protect him).
  • Come through a trial bike accident in which he broke both bones in his wrist and dislocated it.
  • Was told by teachers he would never pass his exams (yet he did, all of them), this was by the same teachers who offered no support whilst he was being bullied.
  • Survived my single parenting (so I can’t be all that bad at it).

After working in engineering apprenticeship posts to gain his HNC, he then completed his HND, not only that he paid out of his own pocket to turn this in to a degree. Today he found out he got a 2:1 and I cannot tell you how pleased I am for him, he has worked so hard to get where he is and I am so overjoyed, he can finally have a rest from all the studying he has done.

I’m so proud of the man he has become. It’s been a day for happy tears.

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