Easter Crafts with Bostik

1 April 2015

After all the upset of the last few weeks Grotbags finally got to play with her new Bostik Craft Box from the Bostik Family Bloggers Network this week and the crafts were based on Easter.  Amongst the craft items supplied was a glue pen and tape discs which made things so much easier for Grotbags as she doesn't like anything that is too messy on her hands due to the OCD.

First she set about making an Easter scene, using the hessian and material supplied she cut out bunny ears and using a cupcake box for the bunny's head decorated it with googly eyes and whiskers.  Using egg boxes she then made some baby bunnies decorating these the same way.  Once they were finished she placed them all in a box with hay and eggs.  We thought this may be a good game, hiding the eggs under the bunnies and taking it in turn to find them.

Easter isn't complete without flowers and an Easter card each for her Grandmas. Using hessian for vases and ribbon to trim, she made some lovely flower arrangement cards.

Hopefully this next month will be a little more detailed and she is looking forward to the Ocean craft which is next on the list.  Happy Easter Everyone.

Our craft box was provided free of charge by Bostik as part of the Tots100/Bostik Craft Bloggers Club.

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