Monster High Exchange - Lorna McNessie

31 March 2015

Grotbags loves Monster High and the new Exchange dolls are based on the Monster High Webisodes which she often watches on her Ipad.  The new ghouls made by Mattel are all set for their Scare Mester and are due to participate in a school exchange to learn more about each other's skull-tures.  Grotbags was kindly sent Lorna McNessie the daughter of the Loch Ness monster to review.

Lorna has the most fabulous red and orange hair which is a great contrast to her vivid outfit.  We both love her skirt with miniature loch ness monsters on.  Grotbags would really like a plaid hair accessory like Lorna, who also has her own skull shaped hair brush to tame her unruly locks.   She also has a travel bag which comes complete with a small passport and a large passport with lots of useful information about Lorna. Her greeny blue skin is covered in scales with fins on her arms and legs, along with a wicked finned tail.  Lorna also comes complete with a stand so that you can put her on to display.
What more can I say, other than Grotbags loves Monster High and Lorna has become one of her firm favourite toys at the minute.

We were sent this doll free of charge for the purpose of this review.


  1. Stacey loves Monster High. We have quite a few different dolls and dvds!

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

  2. They are fab and such fun, thank you for your comment Louise x

  3. I've never heard of these dolls but look good. Nice red hair, maybe I might notice it more if I'd had kids :-)


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