Who's the Worst Driver?

24 February 2015

The moment I feared arrived when my boys passed their driving tests, no longer could I keep them safe at home, when they could enjoy the freedom of the open road.  Middle son passed his driving test at the age of 17 and of course saved frantically before this, so that he had a car ready and waiting for him on his return from the test station.

Of course he wanted to take mum out for a test drive and how can you refuse? even if you experience one of those edge of the seat moments, when your knuckles turn white with holding on to the door handle too tight, contemplating jumping out if the moment arises.  May be I've turned into an old frump but surely you are supposed to slow down before entering a corner and not leave it until the tyres are screeching from going too fast.  Then there is the noise from the twin bore big exhaust!  What on earth is that all about?  You can actually feel your teeth vibrating in your head and that's before he turned the music on.

As mothers we are entitled to worry about our children, middle son actually crashed twice in 2 days, all within weeks of passing his test.  He was lucky, so many young drivers aren't and whilst he suffered the loss of his car at least I was not suffering the loss of my child and this I am thankful for, he learnt his lesson the hard way.

More Than offer young drivers a policy whereby a small black box is fitted in to the car and this in turn sends information about their driving such as braking and speed.  This information enables them to give you a Driving Style Score, the higher the score the bigger the rewards.  One of the good things about this policy is the fact that you get a cash reward for a good driving score,  this should encourage young drivers to drive sensibly and most of all keep them and other road users safe.  I wish these policies had been around when my boys had first passed their tests, I'm sure I would not have suffered as much anxiety.

This post was written in collaboration with More Than.

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