Small Bathroom Ideas

13 February 2015

My bathroom is really small and I have been looking at ways  to create more space through ingenious storage ideas.  I would like my new bathroom to look stylish and fresh with no clutter, a place where I can relax with a glass of wine after a hard day at the office. There are many ways to create the feeling of space in small rooms, I have seen some products at Bella Bathrooms, you can view them here and the below are a few ideas for my bathroom.

  • Use wall space for storage – shelves can be wall mounted and provide extra storage for all your toiletries and towels etc.   It would probably best to utilise one wall so as not to cramp the small space.
  • Large mirrors – By using these you can maximise the sense of space you have.  The room will appear brighter and you can also buy them with an added shelf at the bottom to store your make up essentials.
  • Paint it white – this gives the illusion of a bigger room.
  • Metallic bathroom tiles will also reflect light so these could be an option too.
  • Under sink storage – why waste that extra space,  there are so many sleek vanity units and I would love one of these in white gloss,
  • Don’t forget the space above your door, a shelf can be used here too.
  • Bathroom cabinets can enhance any bathroom and a lot combine mirrors with storage which is useful if you have limited space. Tall slim cabinets are ideal for those small spaces which would otherwise be neglected.
  • Floor tiles placed diagonally can give the illusion of a wider room.
Now all I need to do is put my thoughts into action and set too designing my ideal bathroom based on the ideas I have.   Are there any other points which you would consider when planning a small bathroom?

This post is written in collaboration with Bellabathrooms.


  1. Such good ideas - i've got a tiny bathroom in uni so will definitely use some of these tips!

  2. Thank you Amy x

  3. Great tips, I never thought about adding big mirrors to the bathroom! x

  4. Thank you Lilinha x


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