Chinese New Year Crafts

8 February 2015

Grotbags was really excited to receive her first Craft Box from the Bostick Family Bloggers Network and bearing in mind the theme of Chinese New Year she set too making a dragon, a lantern and a puppet.
To make  our first dragon we used an old egg box, foam balls, pipe cleaners, tissue paper and paint.  We first cut the paper cleaners up in to 2cm pieces and pushed them into the foam balls to make a long flexible tail for the dragon, once this was done we stuck it to the egg box and also attached a paper cup to the opposite side of the egg box for the dragon's head.  Grotbags painted the egg box with green paint and stuffed the box with tissue paper to give the dragon a bumpy back.  The eyes and ears and fire coming out of his mouth were all suck on with Bostick glue dots, which we loved as they were so simple to use and not messy.
Grotbags then made a puppet with a concertina body and used lollipop sticks to hold it, this craft is so easy and was a little rushed due to her being in hospital and me not being organised beforehand and so I apologise profusely for the lack of detail on this.

Our lantern was made out of shiny gold paper with chinese writing around the top and bottom.  I think every child I know has made these lanterns before, I certainly remember them from my school days.  Fold a sheet of paper in half and then cut towards the open end being careful to leave at least 2 cms for the rim of the lantern.  Open the piece of paper out and fold it in to a tube and glue with the sticky dots, make a handle and decorate.  Every one can be as unique as you like and used for different occasions.

Thank you Bostik and Tots100 for the fun we had making our items for the Chinese New Year.

Our craft box was provided free of charge by Bostik as part of the Tots100/Bostik Craft Bloggers Club.


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