Oral-B Pro-Expert All-Around Protection Review

17 January 2015

Being an avid coffee and tea drinker I am always looking for a way to remove unsightly stains off my teeth.  I brush my teeth religiously in a morning and at night but I also keep a toothbrush handy at work for when I have eaten my lunch. When I was younger the importance of good dental hygiene was not as publicised as it is now and therefore my teeth were rather neglected, along with the fact that I have a phobia around dentists.  Unfortunately this was a big mistake and I am now paying the price.

I was recently sent some Oral-B Pro Expert All-Around Protection toothpaste and a Oral-B Pro 2000 Power Brush with Cross Action Head to try out and to hopefully improve my oral health.  So what are the benefits of using Oral-B Pro-Expert?

·        It leaves teeth noticeably cleaner for a dentist-clean feel
·        It makes a difference in maintaining good oral health
·        It tackles the eight areas that dentists check most, cavities, gums, plaque, whitening, sensitivity, enamel erosion, tartar and fresh breath

Oral-B Pro Expert All-Around Protection is the first and only toothpaste combining Stannous Fluoride Complex and Polyphosphate System to deliver unique, comprehensive protection for your teeth.

So how does my mouth feel after using Oral-B Pro Expert All-Around Protection for a month?   At first, I must admit I was dubious that this toothpaste could do everything it says on the packet, but I can honestly say that even after the first use my teeth felt really clean, it was like walking out of the dentist after seeing the hygienist.  I love the texture and taste of this  tooth paste and when you are brushing your teeth you can actually feel it working. My gums are receding and previously they had bled whilst brushing, this also seems to improved over the last month and my gums do appear healthier.   I am sticking with this toothpaste from now on, GoPro has definitely  changed my oral health for the better.

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