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14 December 2014

Mumsnet and Michelin have recently completed a survey with Mumsnetters on tyre safety and to be honest I take it for granted that hubbie does all the maintenance on my car.
As a family running 3 cars it's very important to keep our vehicles roadworthy, I would never leave it to chance and put my family at risk.  I travel quite a lot at work and living in the rural Peak District we get bad weather in winter which can lead to treacherous driving conditions, although I am now aware that this does not increase the risk of an accident. One of the main areas to watch is the tyre condition.  Luckily for me, my husband is normally the person who maintains the vehicles, checking the tyre depth and pressure every weekend when he is washing my car (I know this is bad but I have lots of household things to do and if he wasn't here I would do it). Although, I did run a car when I was a single parent and do know the importance of regular maintenance checks.  I wasn't aware winter tyres shortened stopping distances, likes lots of people surveyed I thought they were for driving in the snow.  The infographic below shows more interesting facts from survey.
My husband and I were surprised by the statistics provided, 62% of people were not confident or aware of the implications of having tyres with not enough tread on them, this really shocked me, apart from the danger to yourself and other road users, you can also lose your licence. Whilst 37% check their tyre pressure twice a year which is quite disturbing.  Hubbie drives HGVs for a living and tyres are a legal check everyday before he starts any journey and he is great believer in buying quality tyres over cheaper budget tyres, branded tyres tend to last longer than cheaper unbranded tyres and are safer.

Who checks the tyres in your house? Do you leave it to your other half or do it yourself?

This post was written in collaboration with Mumsnet and Michelin, I have not been compensated for this post though I have been entered into a competition.

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