Christmas is Over

29 December 2014

It's been rather quiet on my blog for a few weeks due to work commitments and family issues, I really needed the time to get my head together and find a place where I wanted to be. I had a nice Christmas watching Grotbags explore her presents but the highlight for me was the Crib Service on Christmas Eve, not that I am over religious or anything, it was just so magical singing carols by candlelight with the odd sheep trotting up the aisle in church making it almost bizarre. Christmas Day passed in a blur, we had visits from my sons and their girlfriends and then had to contend with the MIL for Christmas dinner, what more can I say! Only it was lovely when everybody had returned home and I could actually sit down with a baileys and spend time playing with Grotbags.

The snow came thick and fast on Boxing Day giving us plenty of opportunity to enjoy the cold fresh air and I must admit after spending so many days cooped up due to Christmas preparations, it was a blessing to go walking and sledging. Grotbags shows no fear and set off down some of the steepest hills she could find (it’s no wonder she ends up in A & E so often). The following two days were spent visiting my parents and taking their dog a walk, after all I didn’t want any avoidable accidents on the ice, plus it’s not very often I get to spend time with them.

Today I am back at work and feel better, whilst here I am in control, treated like a human being, holding decent conversations and I have a lot of respect for my work colleagues. Whilst my personal life seems out of control, at least I have the safe haven of work. So as we come to the end of this year I am optimistic what the future holds, sometimes there is just no going back, it's funny how things change, I'm sure the future will be brighter. With all this in mind I intend to make some resolutions for 2015 to enable a brighter future.

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and wish you a healthy, happy New Year.

- Posted on the go :)

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  1. Happy New year sis! Hope 2015 is fabulous for you! Here is to us spending much more time together - Miss you xxx


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