Alice in Wonderland at Chatsworth

2 December 2014

After an enjoyable visit to Narnia last year at Chatsworth House, we were excited to experience Christmas at Chatsworth this year.  The lower floors have been transformed to create scenes from Lewis Carroll's classic, Alice in Wonderland.  There are 52 Christmas Trees and 900,000 fairy lights at Chatsworth, so it is understandable that preparation for this year's event started nearly a year ago.  Staff at Chatsworth have created most of the displays and costumes.
As you enter the North Sub Corridor the White Rabbit is vanishing down the burrow, walk around the corner and you enter a long hall with rows of doors, with a tiny little door next to a table holding the eat me, drink me potion.  On entering the Oak Room you are confronted by a large caterpillar sitting on a mushroom surrounded by psychedelic colours.
My favourite part was definitely the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, it was amazing, the Sleepy Dormouse in the teapot, the Mad Hatter on the table and the March Hare being entertained by Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

As you wander around, remember to try and count Hartington the Hedgehog who is trying to escape from the Queen of Hearts (naughty Queen trying to use him as a croquet ball), Grotbags had great fun finding Hartington who was hidden in all the displays, I think she lost count in the end, so we never did find out actually how many there were.  There is also a Grotto where children can write their own Christmas wish and a nice lady sprinkles it with magical dust, your child can then hang it on one of the trees.
We had a lovely afternoon at Chatsworth and the festivities carry on in the Farmyard too, where children can make Mad Hats, Rabbit Ears and Teapot cards, it really is a festive day out.  The Alice in Wonderland event is open until January 4th but is closed on 24th, 25th, 26th December and 1st January.  
This event is definitely worth a visit, I actually feel like my Christmas has started and I can't wait to see how Chatsworth is transformed next year.


  1. Looks absolutely amazing and so much fun! The grounds look breathtaking as well :) x
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  2. This looks amazing! My daughter would love it. She loves Alice in Wonderland (actually, I do too!). Tx


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