Loyalty and Fairness in Children

27 October 2014

I like to think all of my children treat and respect other people and for me it is all about being a good role model as children learn from our behaviours. Basic manners are a starting point and I learnt my children to say please and thank you at an early age.

When my boys were little I always made sure that I gave each of them an equal amount of quality time so that they could do something individually. If I was playing with one of them and the others wanted to join in, I would encourage them to do so. Being close in age range they quickly learnt to share their toys and obviously tantrums happened at times, but with a little coaxing we always managed to find alternatives to solve situations.

NatWest have come up with a great video below, why don't you take a look, it is quite funny, it made me laugh. I can just imagine the tantrums I would have had on my hands if I was to give something and take it back like they show here?

Honesty is a good thing, my boys never lied to me and I’m sure that is because they were taught early on to tell the truth, even if it meant they may get in trouble. Little did I know that one day this would come back to haunt me when my middle son broke the cricket pavilion window with a ball, obviously he went and told the caretaker and ran home to me crying because he thought he would be in trouble, yes I had to pay the bill and cursed under my breath but reassured him that he had done the right thing.

Be loyal to your friends even if they do not share your opinions, one of the boys my children played with didn’t like football and some of the children were cruel, I made my boys see that people do not like the same things but that does not mean you cannot support them in what they do.

NatWest are now recognising that old customers as well as new ones deserve the same deals and have launched the Hello/Goodbye campaign which emphasises the importance of loyalty when dealing with their customers.

I do think it is harder with girls, they seem to fall out with friends all the time, but I like to think that Grotbags has had the same values drilled in to her as the boys, she just cannot understand why some children are mean.  I just reiterate to her that being nice is always the best option and it often dilutes situations before they even arise. Loyalty and fairness is always the best way and life is one big learning curve.

I’m working with BritMums and NatWest on this project and have been compensated. All opinions are my own


  1. It is hard growing up isn't it but with good guidance our kids can learn to be loyal and fair too

  2. Definitely Mari, it is so nice to see kids who are kind and caring x


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