Derwent Dams - Vera and Thumper

8 October 2014

I have really neglected my blog this last week due to a bout of tonsillitis, swollen glands and an ear infection but hopefully I am now on the mend.  Two weeks ago I was urged on by my other half to visit Derwent Dams in Derbyshire for the flypast of Vera and Thumper the remaining two airworthy Lancaster bombers. Luckily it was a clear crisp autumn day and armed with my camera we set off for what would be a breathtaking experience.
The views around the Dams are spectacular and there are some fabulous walks.  Grotbags spent most of the afternoon climbing and was not really interested in hanging around watching for planes.
The atmosphere was astounding, so many people had come to pay their respects and as the time for the flypast drew near there was silence from the crowds what had gathered. We heard the spine tingling drone of the planes before we actually saw them and I was left with this haunting photo of the Lancasters as they made their way over the Dams, an amazing tribute to all those that lost their lives in the war.
Even Grotbags was happy when she saw them.  I'm so glad that I was there to witness this sight as it will probably never happen again.
My thoughts are with all the families that have been affected by wars, for the loss they have suffered or the jubilation of being reunited with their loved ones.  May all our servicemen be safe wherever they are.


  1. Aww whilst it looks like a lively place to visit I also have the families in my thoughts

  2. Thank you Michelle x

  3. would love to see lancaster bombers in action x

  4. They are fab Jo x

  5. I used to love walking round the dams! Would have been amazing to watch the Lancaster Bombers up there x

  6. It was lovely sis, it's so beautiful there x


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