Striking Mums

6 September 2014

The lovely Kate has come up with a great idea for Mum's to support each other, so I decided to give it a whirl, as they say, by answering this weeks questions.

1. Are you match fit as a mum?

I spend far too much time at work which is starting to affect my health.  I am currently waiting to see a specialist at the hospital and hopefully this will help some of my problems.  I have suffered with bouts of depression since being young and I take each day as it comes, I have found it helps to get plenty of fresh air and enjoy the simple things in life.  After having a full hysterectomy years ago due to cancerous changes in my womb I had another scare recently when I found a lump in my breast.  I feel so lucky that this was nothing to worry about after having a mammogram but it was an anxious wait for the results.

2. What baby step can you take towards your hopes and dreams this week?

I need to finish work on time and not bring it home with me, that way I will have more time for Grotbags.

3. Who can help you on your journey? Are you reaching out to them? If not, why not?

I'm afraid I don't really talk to anyone about my problems, I find it really difficult to trust those closet to me (not my lovely sisters) and my husband talks to other people about things, so I just bottle it all up.

Kate on thin Ice Striking Mums


  1. The whole point of Striking Mums is to make sure you always have someone to reach out to as well as celebrating the very individual person you are. I hope things improve on the health front and also that you find the right balance for you workwise. I can so easily slip into depression so I get that. And yes fresh air and celebrating every single good thing however tiny helps. Although the getting breast lumps checked out is quick these days it is still terrifying - went through the same last year. It is @kateonthinice commenting by the way. Hope you stick with us - think a really nice bunch of mums are getting involved

  2. Hope you don't have to wait to long to see a specialist & that you find a balance regarding work/home. #StrikingMums

  3. I think your sisters would be over the moon to find you can talk to them. Use your blog to express the stuff you can't share and if everybody you know reads it, then start another, anonymous one x

  4. Thank you, I just don't like to bother people, everybody leads such busy lives x

  5. I have an appointment in three weeks so hopefully things will improve soon x

  6. Thank you Kate it's much appreciated x

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your past health struggles but I'm glad you have nothing to worry about now! It can be so hard not to take work home what with all the modern technology but knowing what you need to acheive is the first step. Looking forward to reading more!

  8. Thank you for your lovely comment , hope full things will improve if I put more effort in x

  9. I'm always here for you sis for anything... always xxx


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