Patchwork Crafts

16 September 2014

I adore handmade crafts and recently featured some local businesses from around Derbyshire on my Handmade Locally feature. I was so impressed by the quality and workmanship of some of the items that I showcased that I now really feel the urge to start making things again for myself. When my boys were little I knitted lots of garments but unfortunately due to the pain and stiffness in my hands I can no longer do this.
 I would love to invest in a sewing machine and try my hand at patchwork or quilting, maybe starting off with something small like cushion covers. There are so many gorgeous materials on the market at the minute from stunning floral designs to oriental patterns which would look stunning in my bedroom.  The more I look online the more inspired I become to create something unique and a little shabby chic.

Now considering I have not actually done any sewing since I left school I may be being rather optimistic that I can make something spectacular in the first instance and with this in mind I have been searching the Web for ideas and found this great picture of an owl on Pixabay, wouldn't he look great on cushions? Two of these would make a great feature for any room. I think he would look great in muted tones of browns and beige.
The only thing left to decide is what type of sewing machine to buy?  I don’t want to purchase something that is to fancy and hard to understand but a machine that is practical and will allow me to alter tension and give me a good straight stitch but also zig zag stitch for appliqué work, although I do understand that you can buy different feet for this kind of craft machine which are interchangeable depending on the kind of sewing you are undertaking.  I also need to be able to store the sewing machine away as I have limited space.

With all these things to take in to consideration it will not be an easy task and I would appreciate any comments from my readers that would point me in the right direction. I cannot wait to get started on a new project. 

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