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13 September 2014

I am once again linking up with Kate on Thin Ice who has come up with a great idea for Mums to support others Mums through weekly blog posts. This week the subject is learning and I have answered the questions that Kate set for this week.

When was the last time you gave your brain a workout?

I try to learn something new on a regular basis and in bitesize pieces, therefore not over committing myself to too many hours a week, this way I will not suffer the failure of not completing work when it should be done.  FutureLearn have some great short courses which can easily fit around my work and family commitments and best of all they are free.

What would you really love to learn?

After completing a Forensic Psychology witness investigate short course I would love to take this further.  The new course Psychology and Mental Health is inspiring me to find out more about the human mind.  My goal would be to do a full degree in Forensic Psychology.

What prevents you learning something new?

Time, money the list is endless.  I really don’t think I could devote as much time as would be needed to do what I really want, therefore I will make do with the small chunks of learning that I can do.

Who can support you with your learning and how?

Hubbie will take control of Grotbags for me whilst I complete the studies that I am doing currently but I could not expect him to do anymore than he currently does due to his work commitments.

Kate on thin Ice Striking Mums


  1. Time and money here too. Thee isn't that support network for adults you go into it knowing you're going to be getting into debt but you're a lot older than the late teens early twenties who are knowingly doing the same thing but much younger! I hate oweing money to anyone and they includes my education because I really feel the pressure to pay back it's stressful I've been there.
    I'm going to check out that course Link thanks x

  2. They are only short courses but the beauty is they don't cost anything, good luck Hannah x

  3. I think you are more impressive than you know in carving out time and energy as a mum to do such learning. You have a good strategy too by the sound of things to look after you and to get the support you need. I am really impressed and honoured to have you as one of the striking mums @kateonthinice

  4. Thank you Kate you have such kind words :) x

  5. It hard juggling isn't it? Time is the one thing that holds me back x

  6. Time and money are my setbacks too. I'll check out FutureLearn - thanks for sharing. Sarah :-)

  7. It's very hard Sarah, there never seems to be enough hours in a day x

  8. No probs, I hope you manage to find something useful x


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