Being Different is Good

28 September 2014

I am once again linking up with the lovely  Kate on Thin Ice who has created a linky called Striking Mums. This week the topic is about being different and how this can affect the way society treats us.

Are you different and, if so, how?
I like to think I'm different and don't just follow the crowd, whether this relates to my fashion choice or opinions I think it is good to be you and not pretend or try to be something or someone that you are not familiar with.

Do you celebrate your uniqueness or strive to fit in?
In the past I have tried to fit in on many occasions and have come to the conclusion that it just isn't worth the hassle trying to change people's opinion of me, they have a choice just as I do,I will not try and change their mind.

Are you ever judgemental of other mums who are different from you? Answer honestly even if only in your own head.
No I honestly don't think I am judgemental, everybody is different, I suppose occasionally I will think things in my head but I would never push my values on to somebody else.

What would you like to be different about you?
I would change lots of things about me, my ability to help others more as I do not feel I have reached my full potential in doing this, but this mainly due to lack of time, if I could just have an extra 12 hours a day I may be able to do more.  I would love to walk out of the house everyday with immaculate make up and hair but this is never going to happen due to time constraints.

Have you ever being attacked or bullied for being different? How did that affect you?
I remember when I started secondary school being mocked for not developing breasts as early as other girls, this did not do my self confidence any good and for years I had issues with my body image.  Thank fully now I do not worry about my shape or size only that I am relatively healthy.

If you had to write an advert for yourself as a limited edition ,what would you say to make people think you were great?
I'm not sure I would want everyone to think I was great, after all we all have faults and to be put on a pedestal only to fall off is not my thing, I am me, I will support, love and help anyone and value the friendships I do have.

Kate on thin Ice Striking Mums


  1. Get a real sense of a journey in your post - maturing, growing up, getting wise. You do seem very sorted and I think the time will come when you help others a lot if that is what you want to do. I am sure this post will inspire others. Thanks for sticking with Striking Mums @kateonthinice

  2. Looking for Blue Sky28 September 2014 at 14:09

    Oh what I would do with an extra 12 hours a day!

  3. Yes i would love time to do more and love the fact that you do not try to conform x

  4. I love that you are completely honest about being different. I like to think my image is my own, and I'm not going to confirm to fashion.

    Keep being who you are, that itself is great xx

  5. Thank you for your kind words Kate, it means a lot x

  6. Wouldn't it be lovely :)

  7. I think we all could do with more hours in a day, thank you for your comment x

  8. Thanks Sarah x

  9. Thank you, you're comment means a lot x

  10. I love this you're so honest, I think you should think you're great, although I completely agree with your reasons actually, no one wants to be made up to be something they're not only to disappoint!x


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