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2 August 2014

Today on a Handmade Locally I have the lovely Sara Boyle who is a jewellery designer, maker and owner of Silver and Porcelain, which is a colourful collection of original handmade jewellery.

Sara works from a ceramic/silversmithing workshop based in a lovely little village on the outskirts of the Derbyshire Peak District. The jewellery she makes is quite colourful and every piece is slightly different, no two are exactly the same, so you end up with a piece of jewellery that is truly unique and individual to you. Sara hand makes all items from start to finish, no part is manufactured in any way, with this you get an item that has the jewellers markings on and has a worn hammered distinctive look, which I think makes it all the more special to wear.

Sara's favourite items are the Lily Earrings, which are very vibrant but simple in their design, shape and form, also the Veda Bracelet and Earrings are a favourite too. Sara enjoys the making process with these items, as there are a variety of materials and techniques that have to come together for these designs to work. There are plaster of paris moulds, porcelain coloured slips, the firing process (which is always exciting no matter how many times its been done before) and last but not least, the silver smithing element which transforms the finished items into beautiful jewellery to be worn.

I recommend you have a look at her website Silver and Porcelain where she showcases all of her work and where you can buy unique pieces of jewellery. Sara would love feedback on her social media sites below.


I love this jewellery and keep your eyes peeled for a lovely competition coming soon.

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  1. Such lovely pieces. I love the earrings - they're perfect for summer! x

  2. Francene Stanley2 August 2014 at 09:56

    These look lovely. Handmade goods are so compatible with nature's way.

  3. Thank you Francene, they really are fab x

  4. Thanks Emma, I love the earrings too x

  5. lovely and i've not seen anything like this before.

  6. Thank you Anne, it is beautiful x


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