Little Live Pets at Eureka Museum

18 August 2014

On Sunday we were invited to Eureka Museum for the Little Live Pets event in celebration of their launch. Little Live Pets are the brand new toys from Character Options and they are a big winner with Grotbags. She had great fun completing the bird watching trail which ran through the museum and received a certificate for doing this. Unfortunately the face painting and other crafts were only available on the Saturday but this didn't stop us from having an amazing time.

Little Live Pet birds cost £9.99 which is quite reasonable, you can also buy butterflies and they both actually respond to your touch, Grotbag's bird actually chirps different songs and is rather cute. I think these will make great stocking fillers for Christmas.

We had a fab day out at the Eureka Museum, there is so much for children to do, everything is hands on and very informative. Grotbags favourite part of the museum was the "About Me" section, but as you can see from the photos she tried her hand at everything, even changing a wheel. We will definitely be visiting Eureka again and I'm sure Grotbags will be requesting more a Little Live Pets to add to her collection.


  1. Looks like you all had a great day out at the museum x

  2. This looks lovely, am glad you guys enjoyed yourself and I wasn't sure what Eureka was but is sound great.

  3. Thank you, it's a great day out for little ones, plenty for them to do x

  4. Thanks Stephanie we sure did x


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