Fitbug Orb Review

31 August 2014

I originally received my Fitbug Orb a month ago and my first impressions were good.  Little did I know that this tiny orb would actually change my fitness levels and make me aim higher.  I had already signed up for #RunOrDye in October so this will help me to prepare. I found the factsheet that you received with the Orb useful as this gave you links to various help pages that you might need along the way.
The Fitbug Orb monitors your daily activity day and night.  Through the day it monitors the steps you take along with any aerobic activity, this can then be synced to your app on your smartphone by pressing the button once.   By logging on to your account on the computer you can input any additional activity you have completed, plus your food intake, this then calculates the nutritional value of what you have eaten and balances it against your activity levels.  The Fitbug dashboard displays an overview of your goals with a handy pink triangle to show you your targets.  I found the actual website more use than the app on my phone as this was more motivating to me and enabled me to increase the number of steps and exercise I do on a daily basis.  I like the fact that you can balance your nutritional intake, although I do wish this could be done on the app as working full time it was quite difficult to access a computer some of the time.
By pressing the button three times in succession at night the Fitbug Orb monitors your sleep, I'm not sure how it does this but it does work, the app provides you with a chart of your time asleep and the quality of your sleep. Although I wake quite often it appears that I still achieve the minimum sleep hours I require.
One thing I found really useful was the daily motivational emails and the Bugzine issues, these contained lots of useful information on topics such as Nutrition, Health, Well-being and a Cookbook with some really good fast healthy meals ideas.
Overall I like the Orb and its flexibility, even if I didn't want to wear it on my wrist I could fasten it to my bra strap so it couldn't be seen. I found it a really useful tool to help me get fitter and healthier and hopefully I will complete #RunOrDye which is my goal.  The Fitbug Orb costs £49.95 which I think is a reasonable price based on what you can achieve with it.

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  1. What a great sounding app - I have to admit I think personally I would scare it with how much I sleep. Good luck with completing #RunorDye!

  2. Thanks Sarah I think I will need the luck x

  3. This sounds so good. I have a similar gadget thing but haven't tried it yet. I really should.

  4. Thanks Hayley it is, they have some great recipes on the website too x


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