Fitbug Orb - First Impressions

13 August 2014

For a while I have been unhappy with myself, I have felt unfit and unhealthy.  I want to improve all this so that I have more stamina and physical strength to make me a healthier person.  Me and my daughter have signed up to do Runordye in October so drastic action needs to be taken to improve my general health and fitness levels as I have never run 5k in my life.  When I saw the opportunity to review the Fitbug Orb it sounded like a fabulous opportunity to help me on my way.
First impressions of the Fitbug Orb are good, the Orb itself is about the size of a 50p and can be slotted into a bracelet to be worn around your wrist, or can be fastened via a clip to your underwear.  The Orb then transmits data around activity and sleep back to the App which you have download onto your smartphone. 

The Fitbug Orb was quite easy to set up, once I realised I needed to actually use the computer to physically set the account up in the first place and fill in a basic health assessment.  If you want to input what you have eaten this needs to be done on the computer as well, this then allows the Fitbug Coach to monitor your nutrition also.

It will be fun to monitor my progress over the next couple of weeks and I will be posting my findings by the beginning of September.

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