Family Holiday Planning

26 August 2014

I love planning holidays, from choosing the right hotel and flights to sourcing what trips to take whilst we are away. I spend hours trawling the internet researching the area we would like to visit and also reading reviews on activities that are available in the area. I like to involve Grotbags from an early stage and on our recent trip to Mexico she wanted to visit Chichen Itza, which we booked and had a fabulous day, although I do wish I had researched it better, as it was a long day and journey, we were travelling on a coach for about 5 hours in total, the tour operator was brilliant with plenty of refreshments along the way.
Airport parking is a must, as we travel to the airport by car. If we have an early morning flight we often book an overnight stay at a hotel with parking included for the duration of the holiday, this allows us to be bright and fresh for our early morning flight. There are lots of great deals available online.

There is so much to take in to consideration when travelling with children, the flight to Mexico was alot longer than what we have previously taken, so we had to be well equipped with items such as colours, books, iPods and snacks to keep Grotbags happy. Plenty of fluids are essential on long flights to avoid dehydration.  The flight was about 12 hours and I am very surprised on how well behaved she was (obviously the planning I put in worked).
I find if you book your holiday earlier you can often get a better deal and free child places, which can save you money.

Now I am a little OCD about packing, if it was left to my other half things would be just thrown in.  I usually start about 2 weeks before, Grotbags will pick her outfits what she would like to take and I will pack the items I can.  I have a list of everything we need which I have added to over time and saved on the computer, I print this off before I start packing. My most important items are a small first aid kit along with antihistamines, paracetamol, ibuprofen and dioralyte (which is a great remedy for hangovers), sunscreens, insect repellent etc. This list is stuck to the lid of the suitcase and I tick things off as I place them inside. Simple but effective to use and I can see in an instant if I have forgot anything. 
It is nearly time for me to start packing for my next holiday, wish me luck :) and why not check out some more useful tips at Purple Parking.
This post is writting in assocation with Purple Parking.


  1. I'm exactly the same when planning my holidays with the other half x

  2. Somebody has to be organised Stephanie x

  3. It's beautiful Mez but I felt a little unsafe outside the resort itself.


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