Country Clothing Wishlist

12 August 2014

Living in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside my daughter and I love clothes that are suitable for outdoors but are also fashionable and fun. Grotbags is a huge equestrian fan and has riding lessons on a weekly basis, therefore anything horsey is a must. Joules country clothing is gorgeous and so we both sat down and made a wishlist for our annual visit to Chatsworth Country Fair in September.

Grotbag's Wishlist
  • Moxie Girls Applique Polo Shirt £24.95
  • Carla Girls Cargo Trousers £29.95
  • Kirstie Girls Waterproof Coat £49.95
  • Girlswelly £24.95
My Wishlist
  • Wellyprint Womens Wellies £39.95
  • Cowdray Womens Striped Sweatshirt £49.95
  • Merriton Womens Chevron Gilet £49.95
  • Newmarsha Womens Intarsia Jumper £69.95
    There are so many items to choose from and we have lots of favourites that we have highlighted to family for christmas/birthday presents.
Written in assocation with Joules.


  1. oooh I love Joules clothing I also love a good Country Fair too - lots to see and do.

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  2. Yes me too Angela, there is some gorgeous autumn items x

  3. My dream is to live in the countryside, i love the look of the boots you have in your wishlist.

  4. Yes it is beautiful, thank you, they are fab x


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