Build A Bear Workshop Experience

30 August 2014

Today we visited Build A Bear Workshop to experience their new range of bears. On entering the shop we were greeted by Jo and Emma who eagerly showed Grotbags the newbies, there was so much choice that Grotbags found it difficult to choose as she loved them all. With the help of Emma she decided on Teacup who is Disney Princess Belle's puppy.

She then needed to decide if she would like a sound inside her puppy and she picked the barking sound (well it is a dog after all). Everything chosen it was time to stuff the puppy and with the help of Emma, Grotbags controlled the footpedal which filled the puppy with stuffing. It was then time to chose a heart and make a wish before it was placed inside the puppy along with a Cotton Candy scented pad to make her smell scrumptious.

It was soon time to dress Teacup and Grotbags found a lovely little tutu and tshirt along with a pair of polka dot pants and a tiara and wand. Once you have completed your bear and have everything you need it is time to sit at one of the computers and print your birth certificate. Grotbags can now manage to do this on her own with some prompts from Emma along the way. All finished it's time to head to the tills where your birth certificate and carry box is waiting.

Teacup costs £19 and outfits vary in price. There are other bears available ranging in price from £7 - £19. I think these are really good value, especially as the staff make this experience special for every child and the service is not rushed.

I would like to thank Jo and Emma at Build A Bear Meadowhall for providing Grotbags with a fun filled experience.

We received this item FOC for the purpose of this review, but the opinion is entirely my own.


  1. this looks like so much such a great idea!

  2. Thanks Jess, I am sure he would love it there x

  3. Thank you, it's a good idea for a rainy day :) x


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