Barcelona Planning with Amadeus

30 August 2014

I love planning holidays and until recently I had not heard about the planning tool from Amadeus which could come in really handy over the next few months.  I have started a travel plan for a trip to Barcelona for my 50th birthday next April just by following the simple instructions on Amadeus.
To start I typed Barcelona in to the search bar, along with departure dates and holiday duration, if you prefer you can get more inspiration from travel plans that have already been created by other users. I then searched for the best flight options (although you cannot buy these on Amadeus), the site shows you the cheapest time to travel, with which airline and what the weather conditions are like.  I then saved this information to my travel plan.  Editing this information is easy and once complete you can share it with family members etc which I think is really useful when planning a holiday/break with extended family.
I find it really useful that you can actually add links to your saved plan, I find this useful when searching for restaurants, activities and places of interest. All these links can be stored safely in one place, which is a big plus for me when planning.
Other tools available include currency conversion, airport guides, subway maps and dialing code information.  You can view my plan here, why not take a look and create a holiday for yourself.  I would love to know if you try the site out and what your thoughts are.

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