Barbie Princess Alexa - The Secret Door

6 August 2014

Grotbags was recently sent the new Barbie Princess Alexa doll to play with and review. I know how much she loves her Barbies so it was interesting to find out what she thought of the new Princess Alexa.

Her favourite part is the pink wand in the doll's hand which plays two song clips from the new movie whilst her bodice lights up and sparkles. The full length dress has a floral pattern with bits of neon and sparkle running through it, with detailed flowers embellished on the skirt of the dress. She even has a tiara like a real princess. Grotbags has had lots of fun playing the song clips and I must admit the melodies do grow on you.

Barbie and the Secret Door looks like being a really good movie with great songs and characters. Along with Barbie starring as Alexa there is a magical unicorn, a mermaid and a fairy.

The new movie comes out on DVD on 1st September but will also be screened exclusively in Vue cinemas. In the movie shy Princess Alexa teams up with two new magical friends to save the kingdom. Grotbags can't wait to add the new movie to her Barbie collection and has already watched the trailer for the new movie numerous times.

The Princess Alexa Doll retails at around £24.99 and is recommended for children 3 years and over.

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  1. German Girl in London6 August 2014 at 22:08

    Great review. With two boys in the house I will never get to play with Barbie again.

  2. Laura Rocksteady7 August 2014 at 00:42

    It's really strange growing up I was never into Barbie or Pink for that matter but if you are the type who loves the princess theme than I bet this would be amazing and really enjoyed this review.
    Thanks for sharing

    Laura x


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