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19 July 2014

I have another fabulous Handmade Locally feature for you today.  Rebecca is the lady behind Tilly Moo Designs who are a business selling Handmade Children's Clothes from newborn to 5 years. Bespoke orders are taken for shirts, shorts, dresses and skirts.  Rebecca uses bright, quirky, designer fabric such as Michael Miller and Robert Kauffman for you to create your own style, shape and size item of clothing.

Tilly Moo Designs began life as a hobby, making clothes for her two young daughters. It has since grown in to a facebook page and now a new website - www.tillymoodesigns.co.uk.  Tilly Moo Designs are excited to announce that they will have a stand at the Baby Show in Birmingham in 2015!

Rebecca is also keen to expand the Boys range and would love to know what parents thoughts are on styles and fabrics they would buy?  So if you have any preferences what you would like to see, please do let her know.  Tilly Moo Designs would also like to offer my readers 10% of any bespoke orders placed, I just wish Grotbags was a lot smaller.

As you can see, her designs are beautiful and I love the range of fabrics, please support her if you can.  You can find Tilly Moo Designs on Twitter @tillymoodesigns so please do pop by and say hello.


  1. These are such lovely little designs, always nice to buy something handmade!

  2. Love the name 'Tilly Moo Designs'! From the pictures above the outfits look fantastic. Its great that someone can make a career out of a hobby, Rebecca is super talented. I like how she is thinking about boys clothes as there tends to be far easier to get gorgeous girls clothes than boys.

  3. Thanks for you comment Lorna, it's very much appreciated, I'm sure Rebecca would be thrilled if you had any preferences for fabrics/ designs ideas for boys x

  4. Thanks Jess x

  5. Rebecca Vowles25 July 2014 at 21:16

    Thanks everyone. Lorna please let me know if there is something specific you would love to see for little boys. Am always on the look out for new ideas and designs.
    Huge thanks Cathy for the fab feature.
    (Tilly Moo Designs)

  6. Rebecca Vowles25 July 2014 at 21:17

    Definitely! Please just let me know what you feel is missing from the market for little boys. I'd love to try and dp something about it. :-)


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