Bedroom Re-Design

20 July 2014

Summer is here and my bedroom seems really dark and gloomy.  I would love to freshen it up with a touch of paint and some new soft furnishings and of course if I had an endless purse I definately would be buying the furniture I have selected below.
I have a fondness for this soft blue and beige which go really well together and the bedrooms look peaceful and relaxing. The Bentley Hampstead above would be my first option, the clean white furniture looks great with the colours used and the Frank Hudson Kiss below also appeals to me with its softer lines.
Rodgers of York have some beautiful fabrics and soft furnishings which will enhance any room.  There are many designs to give you inspiration along the way whether you are looking for traditional, contemporary or classic styles there will sure to be something to suit most tastes.

Written in assocation with Rodgers of York.

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