Anniversary Present Dilemma

20 July 2014

Its nearly our tenth wedding anniversary (surprisingly enough) and I have been pondering over what to buy the other half.  Trawling the net isn’t half time consuming but I think I’ve finally decided to buy him a watch. Now he doesn’t need a best watch because I already bought him one, so my thoughts are to buy one for everyday wear. I love the following designs but I am afraid I'm spoilt for choice.

Armani Exchange Gents Active - £81 or
G-Shock Gents Multifunctioning Watch - £58

The Watch Hut have lots of fabulous designs and makes where there is surely something to suit everyone’s taste. I  would really value your opinion as to which to buy.

Written in association with The Watch Hut.


  1. I love the Armani watch, I think it is easier to wear with anything, and you can dress it up or down! :) x

  2. I like the Armani most I think - the G Shock definitely has a WOW factor but for me it's a little too much :) x

  3. Thank you Sarah, your comment is appreciated x

  4. Thank you Lilinha, I think I will go with the Armani one x


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