Reduce the Running Cost of Your Car

27 June 2014

I was recently sent some items from Debt Free Direct to help me reduce the running costs of my car, hubbie was rather excited about this as I don't usually receive things that interest him and he is rather fanatical when it comes to cars running smoothly.

Digital Tyre Inflator
Keeping your tyre pressure at the right level can reduce fuel costs by up to 35%, the other half checks mine weekly when he is washing it and with this handy little gadget it is so simple.  The correct tyre pressures are usually found in your handbook or on more modern models just behind the petrol cap.

Jump Leads
Have you ever had that nasty moment where you jump in your car in a hurry and its dead!  Well I have been known to leave my interior light on and carrying jump leads means you can start your car with the help of another car, for free, without having to call out expensive recovery services.

Car Dustbuster
If you have small children and a husband who is particular about his car, yes the house could be a tip but he seems oblivious to this, then a dustbuster is great for cleaning up all the mess they tend to make and in the long term this can save you money having the car valeted to remove te signs of your childrens sticky fingers.

Spare bulb set (incl. bulbs and fuses)
Always keep extra bulbs and fuses in your glove box, try and not purchase these from petrol stations as they are more expensive and remember you can be fine £60 for having a defective light.

This post is written in association with Debt Free Direct

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