Super Loop Bands from Interplay

30 May 2014

Grotbags recently received some Super Loop Bands from Interplay to try out and to be honest I had never heard of them.  When they arrived she was quite ecstatic as apparently these are all the craze at school at the minute (how dare I not know this).  With the set that we were sent you can create 5 stretchy, rainbow coloured silicone loop bands. The set also included a 12 page step by step guide to enable her to learn the basic techniques involved to create her own designs.
At first Grotbags found it quite fiddly but she soon got the hang of threading the loops through each other.  We loved the fact that you could use your own colour choices to match you outfit and she even made me a lovely bracelet to match my nail polish.
Super Loop Bands retail at around £9.99 which I think is not bad considering you can actually reuse the loops and create new bracelets when you want a change of colour.

We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review and the opinion is my own.

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