School Holiday Activities for Boys

6 May 2014

Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails, that's what little boys are made of. Or so the saying would have us believe. Just because boys have a reputation for getting dirty, it doesn't mean you'll be best to leave them to their own devices digging for worms in the back garden all holiday. Why not plan a few activities to do together instead.

Go on a Bike Ride

Take the bikes out and head to the woods or maybe even brave the local bmx track and have a go at a few of the jumps yourselves. If your little one is learning how to ride a bike, why not make a concerted effort to get them one step closer to taking the stabilisers off their bike by the end of the holidays.

Build a Fort

Make a fort out of some sheets thrown over your table if there's space underneath it to allow your son to play there. Two chairs will do equally as well if you don't have a suitable table. Add a few cushions and maybe a mat if you're outside and you have a perfectly good fort to play in and maybe even picnic in too.

Bake Cakes

Little boys love to cook. Give them a packet of Angel Delight or a packet of cupcakes to make and you'll soon have dessert sorted for the evening. Perhaps if you son is very young you could decorate biscuits together, or if they're more at home in the kitchen challenge them to make the dinner.

Hit the Shops

Boys love shopping too, despite the stereotype. Maybe treat them to a new board game for the holidays, or some new clothes. Use the holidays to make sure their school shoes and uniform fits them. Boy’s school shoes always take a bit of a battering, thanks to playing football in the playground, so it may well be worth investing in two pairs for the year. George's range of boys school shoes are great value which means you can afford to replace them when all that running around and scuffing them up becomes too much for them. Perhaps round the trip off with a visit to the arcade or grab an ice cream on the way home.

Get Crafty

Get the scissors, card, paper and paints out and go to town creating a masterpiece. You could have a go at making paper mache, make your own recycled paper, make boats to race in a nearby pond, your own play dough or build robots out of cardboard boxes.

Science Experiments

Kids love science and will spend hours experimenting if you let them. Some easy experiments you can do at home are making volcanoes, slimy gloop, make an egg bounce or invisible ink that’s just perfect for budding spies.

There is so much you can do with your son over the school holidays, you'll be spoiled for choice. Why not sit down together and plan a few activities you'd both like to try and bid school holiday boredom goodbye.

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