Mental Health Awareness Week

12 May 2014

Mental Health Awareness Week starts today 12th May and runs until the 18th May and there is a national campaign dedicated to increasing awareness of mental health issues.

Anxiety is the theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week. This condition affects around one in five people in the UK on a daily basis. I have suffered with PND in the past and have also had issues with my mental health after taking medication that did not agree with me. I have found the best way of dealing with this is to try different ways of managing my anxiety so it doesn't get out of control.

Do things you enjoy and are good at, rather than thinking about things that are going wrong, or that could go wrong, focusing on your strengths will help you believe in yourself.

Spend time with friends and family, and take time to relax.

Talk to someone and, if needs be, ask for help, don’t keep things bottled up. If you are experiencing prolonged anxiety you should contact your GP for further advice and support.

Alternatively, you can contact and ‘self-refer’ to a talking therapy service, such as Talking Mental Health. This service is one of five that is responsible for Derbyshire being one of the best places in the country for patients recovering from common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

Don't let this illness stop you and don't be afraid to ask for help.

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  1. Great post in support of Mental Health Awareness week x

  2. Thank you, I think it's really important that people see how common this illness is and not to suffer in silence. X


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