Funerals are meant to be sad, right?

9 May 2014

Yesterday was my ex husband’s dad’s funeral and I was very wary about attending, although I know that I needed to be there to support my three boys. The boys are 28, 26 and 24 years and have never suffered a family loss before.

I had one of the most emotional days that I have had in a long time, morning the loss of a special man but also the loss of what could have been for my boys. Although I did my upmost best to give them everything they needed whilst growing up, I was overwhelmed in sadness for all the missed celebrations that maybe we should have attended as a family. My ex’s family are so supportive and welcomed me like I had never been away, lots of hugs and kisses from wonderful sincere people which I will remember for a long time to come. It was so nice to spend time with my nieces and nephews and see the relationship they have with my boys, the love and tenderness beaming from their faces. I know it sounds depressing but at least if anything happens to me now I know they will have somebody to turn to.

The service was lovely, light and refreshing, captivating a full church with memories of his life and giving us hope for a brighter future. I will miss him and I know the boys will and I can’t express how proud of my young men I am, they were the perfect role models yesterday and I love them so much.

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