Lip Balm Lab, Wild Science from Interplay

20 April 2014

How would you little princess like to make shimmering lip balms with fruity lip protectors?  Well now they can with the help of the Wild Science Lip Balm Laboratory!  Using the natural waxes and oils provided they can experiment with colours, flavours and fragrances to create your own luscious lip products.
The set contains, Soy Ester, Baby Oil, Vegetable Wax Beads, Fine Shimmer, Strawberry flavouring, oil based red colouring, a storage jar, spoons, spatula, a big and small beaker, gloves and use by date stickers and a microwave heating tray.  There is also an easy to follow colour  illustrated activity guide in the pack which shows clear instructions, this enabled Grotbags to do the majority of this on her own.  I love the fact that all the equipment you need to get you started were supplied in the box and also a cute heart shaped lip gloss container.   Grotbags had great fun creating her own strawberry flavoured lip balm and obviously I was close at hand when she was using the microwave.

The Lip Balm Lab costs £12.99 and is available from Interplay and also other online retailers.

Wild Science kits help girls to learn scientific ideas while having creative and productive fun. Just one of a range available from Interplay. (Please note: requires the use of a microwave.) For ages 8 years and over.


  1. Ooh I think Maisie would like this x

  2. I think she would too, and it tasted good x


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