Goodies for Mr Fluff

19 April 2014

A few weeks ago Mr Fluff was sent some yummy treats from PetShop to tantalise his taste buds and a cat toy to drive him insane.  Now anybody who knows Mr Fluff will understand when I say that he is very temperamental and loves nothing more than giving you a crafty bite when you least expect it and I have tried everything possible to stop his behaviour and nothing seems to work.

Canagan Free-Run Chicken dry cat food is a grain-free, all-natural food, made with fresh meat and vegetables, which benefit your cat in every way.  The grain-free aspect helps control food intolerances and allergies, like itchy skin/coat and it is easily digestable, promoting a healthy gut. All natural with no artifical colours, flavourings or preservatives.  Mr Fluff liked this food which I am very surprised about as he is such a fussy eater.

James wellbeloved cat pouches which are a well balanced wet cat food - Mr Fluff prefers dry food and would only lick all the gravy off the chunks of meat and would not eat them.

Moggy laser toy - Grotbags as spent hours playing with Mr Fluff with this toy, especially at night time with the lights off in the kitchen, he really seems to enjoy trying to catch the laser.

Dreamies cat treats - out of all the things we were sent I think these have to be his favourite and he would gladly eat the packet full if I would let him.

PetShop have a wide variety of pet foods to meet any of your pets needs at a competitive price.  The staff are very helpful and delivery was super speedy.

We were sent the above items free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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