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2 April 2014

I was recently sent some Dr Beckmann Service It products to try out on my dishwasher and washing machine.
As I'm sure you are all aware dishwashers can get rather unpleasant odours at times, this is not surprising with food and detergent deposits building up over time.  Dr Beckmann Service It Deep Clean Dishwasher kills 99% of micro organisms and bacteria which leaves your machine hygienically clean and smelling so fresh.  There is also a handy wipe that comes in the pack for wiping around the seals and the front of the dishwasher.  After using this product on my machine I must say it does smell and look so much cleaner.
I also used the Dr Beckmann Service It Deep Clean Washing Machine and just like the Dishwasher cleaner it also kills 99% of bacteria and micro organisms, therefore the nasty damp smells and mould on the door rubber is prevented.  This product can be used consecutively with the Washing Machine Cleaner which will hopefully help your washer to run more smoothly and effectively.

I now have two perfectly clean machines all ready to tackle their next loads.

I received these products FOC for the purpose of this review.

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