Birthday Blunders

30 April 2014

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a lovely relaxing day off work, doing what I wanted to do, that was whilst Grotbags was at school. I cooked a meal because by the time hubbie got home it would have been too late to go out.

Anyway he warmed his tea up, put his pots in the dishwasher and took Grotbags to bed whilst I watched the soaps. I really don't think he engages his brain before talking, that is if he even has a brain. He said one or two things whilst we were in bed that nearly made me wet myself.

Him "I've helped you tonight"
Me "to do what"
Him "I've, washed the pots, done my tea and put Grotbags to bed"
Me "but they were your pots! and she is your daughter so what makes it my job"
Him "no response"!

And then the best bit!

Him "do you fancy a bit of how's your father"
Me "it's my f***in birthday not yours"!

Well to say we were both hysterical is an understatement. I couldn't carry the argument on after that. Hubbie really put his foot in it this time.

- Posted on the go :)


  1. Lucy's mad house30 April 2014 at 22:32

    men! sounds a lot like my house, they think when they do something like buy a packet of crackers it's being romantic or that they deserve praise and recognition for things they should be doing without being asked and without the fuss and drama they make when they do actually do something practical and helpful. I am with you on this one ;)

  2. I am glad it's not just me who experiences these obscured moments :)

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