A Not So Good, Good Friday

19 April 2014

Good Friday started off just fine, nice weather, planting veg (which I will blog about later) and spending time with my family. Unfortunately it wasn't to remain this way for I received a telephone call to tell me that my boys Grandad had died.

Frantically I tried to contact two of my sons, one is in Prague on a stag weekend and the other was at cricket practice. Then the worst thing possible happened, relatives decided to broadcast the news on Facebook! Whilst I understand they wanted to show their respect they could have given me a little more time before broadcasting it on social networks.

What can I say, they are more than devastated and I will always remember the times they supported me when their son didn't. But all that is in the past, life moves on and we all have new families to nurture.

So Pearl will be really happy to see you Ray, it's been a long time, we will all miss your kind, generous and loving nature. Rest In Peace.


  1. I'd not seen Ray for so long but I always remember what a lovely man he was! RIP Ray! xx

  2. Thanks Sis, at least he can rest now x


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