5 Creative Uses For Fairy Lights in Your Bedroom

29 April 2014

Fairy lights are one of the most versatile ways of glamming up your bedroom, allowing you to create an atmospheric ambience perfect for everyone from small children to teenagers to adults. However, rather than just stringing them up along the walls, here are 5 creative uses for fairy lights in your bedroom…
Upcycling old jars

Some may just sling old glass jars out with the rubbish, but you can easily upcycle them with some fairy lights and make an effective lighting piece for your room.  This works brilliantly with small jam jars but also with larger mason jars. You can wrap the lights around the outside of the jars or simply put the lights inside and you instantly have a moveable lamp to put where you want in your bedroom. You could also put them in a fishbowl or even a wine bottle for similar effect.

Frame pictures and photos

If you have pictures and photos around your room, and many do, then you could use fairy lights to frame them. This not only provides various different light sources around the room, but will also illuminate the picture wonderfully. Too often pictures and photos are hung up but not actually appreciated. However, put some lights around them and you’ll notice them a lot more, as will anyone else in your room. You could also wrap them around any mirrors for a nice reflective effect.

Snake them across the ceiling

Rather than just have a single, central light on your bedroom ceiling, you could snake
them across the ceiling to create a blanket-like effect. This will bathe the room in light without it being overwhelming and is an incredibly effective way of lighting your room and giving it a relaxed, welcoming ambience.

Make a light mural

To do something a little different with your fairy lights, you could use them to create a light mural. By this we mean arrange the lights in a specific way to create a picture on the wall. This would work great for kids; they could create light versions of dinosaurs, pirate ships, or just about anything else. If you already have murals on the wall then you could use the lights to decorate it, or even make your own light-up headboard.
Light writing
A slight extension on the previous idea, you could use your fairy lights to write messages across your bedroom wall. Whether it’s one word or a whole sentence, this is a great way of creating a real eye-catching element to your bedroom.  What’s great about this is that you can easily take them down and write something else whenever you like. It works best if you choose lights with wire that contrasts with the colour of the walls so that it stands out.

If you want some more suggestions then you can check out fairy lights for bedroom ideas from lights4fun.co.uk, whilst Pinterest is also a goldmine for cool and quirky ideas like these.

Posted in collaboration with lights4fun.

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