10 things only Dog Owners will Understand

29 April 2014

Dog owners are a special type of people that have a universal bond thanks to their furry friends. We’ve highlighted some of the ways that make them so unique and the things that only dog owners will understand.

1. Becoming a celebrity every meal time (or just whenever you’re eating something, really)

Getting those adorable puppy dog eyes that they’ve successfully mastered makes finishing your sandwich a heck of a lot harder. Owning a dog is the perfect way to diet, at least.

2. Never being able to tear him away from a lake, but as soon as it’s bath time, all hell breaks loose

It’s all fun and games until the doggy shampoo comes out! It’s well worth investing in some supplies to keep them a little calmer during this...erm...painful time.  You can get things like this and other veterinary supplies at vet-medic.com.

3. Wearing more dog hair than your actual dog

And you wonder how it’s possible that they still have so much fur left with all the malting they do. But, after all, what completes an outfit better than dog hair?!
4. Getting mixed signals when playing fetch

They want the ball but they want you to throw it. They want to hold it but want you to play. What do they want from us?!

5. Waking up every morning to a set of eyes staring at you

Their eyes almost scream ‘is it playtime yet?’

6. Sitting on the floor because the dog has taken up the sofa...again

...And telling yourself each time that this is the last time. You swear...

7. Your day at home consisting of letting the dog in...then out...then in...then out...etc

Investing in some dog flaps has never seemed like a better idea, not that they’ll use it, but still.

8. Being woken up in the middle of the night as there’s an intruder. There wasn’t.

Having a mini heart attack for a few seconds as your trusty ‘guard dog’ warns you, in his own special way, that there’s a burglar. It happens so often that it’s getting to the point where you wish there actually was.
9. Dislocating your whole body trying to get comfy whilst your dog is asleep on you

The unwritten rule for all dog owners (by dogs) is that you never move when your dog is asleep on you, or you will suffer the consequences. (Consequences include being ignored for three days and having extra ‘doggy treats’ all over the carpet).

10. Not excepting it when anyone else ever moans about/insults your dog

Sure, he’s in the middle of eating your new flip flops and he’s just wiped his muddy paws all over your new carpet, but he’s part of the family and he’s oddly perfect...no one is allowed to say otherwise!

Posted in collaboration with Vet Medic.

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