Week 10 in Photos 2014

9 March 2014

This week seems to have gone on forever, it's my first full week back at work and I have forgotten how tiring it is. I am going through quite a lot of turmoil at the minute and could really do with escaping in my own. Anyway keep calm and drink tea is my motto this week.

Day 61 - Grotbags got to ride grumpy Crunchie, as you can tell from her face she was quit nervous about this, but he behaved and she enjoyed it.

Day 62 - everybody was in bed and it was time to relax with my feet up.

Day 63 - Pancake day and it's good old golden syrup for me!

Day 64 - the sky was beautiful this morning, I love it in the countryside.

Day 65 - my little Dalmatian for World Book Day.

Day 66 - she asked me if she could play with the guinea pigs and I when I looked this is what I found.

Day 67 - Grotbags went to play at a friends, I've missed her today.

Well it's a gorgeous day so I am cleaning the patio like you do :) will catch up with reading your posts later.

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  1. Working is hard when you are trying to juggle home life too isn't it - I hope you soon get back into the swing of things and can make things work. Loving the dalmation onesie!

  2. Love the look of that pancake, and th slippers are super cute


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