Spring Cleaning Time is Here

30 March 2014

It's that time of year again when I start to get the urge to give my house a spring clean.  After the tolls of the winter months and not having the windows open all the time I need to freshen up my home for the spring.  Below are just a few of my top tips to beat  the grime.
  1. I find the best way is to start at the top and work your way down, this way you won’t have to do some things twice and it can save you a lot of time.
  2. One of my pet hates is dirty or smeared windows and I have found the best and cheapest way to do these is by washing in fairy liquid  with a cloth (not too many suds) and drying them with scrunched up newspaper.
  3. I start by recycling old toys/books/clothes etc and donating them to a charity.  There is no better feeling than clearing away clutter so that you can actually clean the room properly.  Once this has been done I start by wiping down walls, cleaning the skirting boards and I use a damp cloth around the edges of the carpet as this can be a dust trap.
  4. I wash all the walls and ceiling in the bathroom and then clean the grout and tiles, I use a solution of half bleach half water (using rubber gloves) and place over the tiles and grout, leave for about half an hour and then wash off,  if grime is particularly stubborn I use a grout brush to help scour this away, this should get rid of any unsightly mildew, and dirt.  Once I have done this I use a grout whitening pen to refresh the grout. 
  5. White wine vinegar is great for removing limescale off unsightly taps and leaves them sparkly clean.  If the limescale is quite bad, I would soak a cloth in the white wine vinegar, wrap around the tap and leave it to soak in, before rinsing off.
  6. If your curtains are dry clean only like mine then I usually give them a refresh in the tumble dryer with a wet towel, this helps to remove any dust but also gives them a freshly laundered scent.
These are just a few of my thoughts on Spring Cleaning which I am sharing with Intellicig for their Spring Cleaning campaign.

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