Happy Mothers Day

30 March 2014

This week I received a lovely surprise Mothers Day gift from Asda.  For once I was speechless, the presents are fabulous and it is such a refreshing change to receive something we can all enjoy, obviously the champagne is all mine (I'm rather partial to a glass of bubbly).  I loved the added touch of something for Grotbags and something for us as a family too.  It was nice to see that a lot of thought had gone into this gift.
Now if you are like me there is probably something you have forgotten on Mothers Day so why not nip to your local Asda, they have some great gifts and flowers for us last minute buyers.
Happy Mothers Day to all you fabulous mummies out there, I hope you have a relaxing day being spoilt by your loved ones and we mustn't forget those mummies who are no longer here, we love you all.

I was not asked to write this review and I received the present free of charge from Asda.

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