Winter Holidays

18 February 2014

I must admit I was not looking forward to a long flight out here to Mexico, last Monday was one of the longest days I have ever experienced and to say I was feeling totally exhausted is not an exaggeration. Of course Grotbags loves the airport, what girl doesn't love shopping and I managed to escape the UK only slightly out of pocket.

The first few days we have spent relaxing and I cannot believe how tired I was, all the rushing around at work had begun to take a toll on my old body! It is so nice to have meals cooked, drinks brought to you and generally do nothing.

The service and staff here at the Grand Sirenis are second to none, from the cleaners and gardeners to the waiters and concierge, nothing is too much trouble. The rooms and recreational areas are kept spotless.

Grotbags is having the time of her life and spending lots of quality time with us both, although we cannot get her out of the water! On Saturday we went swimming with dolphins in a cenote where their natural environment is created so well that they have a successful breading programme, pictures and more information to follow on my return to the UK. All I can say is I love dolphins. Well I'm off to enjoy some more winter sun and will update you all soon.

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  1. Sounds heavenly. Not jealous AT ALL!! Enjoy the rest of your hop sis and hopefully see you soon xxx


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