Telling the Time

26 February 2014

When is the right age to start learning your child the time? Well for me I started by learning Grotbags the concept of 5 minutes from an early age so that when I said 5 minutes, she knew exactly how long it was. The hour hand she mastered easily once she could count into double figures and the next target was to learn her the 5 x tables which helped her to understand the minute hand, counting 'to' and 'past'.

Now Grotbags can tell the time she has been trawling the internet looking at watches and loves the above watch from The Watch Hut and I have promised her I will buy her one shortly. There are so many lovely fun watches to choose from today unlike when I was a small child and I think it's great that she can actually give me a reminder every now and then about the time, after all she wouldn't want to miss riding.

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