My New Washer

27 February 2014

I don't know about anybody else but I cannot live without my washing machine and my previous one had seen better days after serving me for 9 years before retiring. When my new Hotpoint washing machine arrived I was so excited, it has so many great features to help me save money, such as Eco Function which uses lower energy and water consumption and higher performance to the Quick Wash and Low Temperature wash settings.

The dials are so easy to understand and it's great that I can manually alter the spin speed and water temperature to suit the load that I am doing. There is even a button for Easy Iron which is an added bonus as this is not my favourite pastime.

On the soap dispenser there are clear instructions as to what load you are washing, I find this really useful as I do tend to forget minor details like this and I am sure it will come in useful for my other half (that's if he ever intends to do any washing).

I can't quite believe how much quieter this washing machine is and after returning from two weeks in Mexico I can truthfully say that it has definitely been put to the test and with an A+ energy rating it even helps the environment. My new washing machine can be bought here. I can truthfully say that I love my new washing machine, it saves me lots of time and hopefully a little extra money, that may be I can warrant spending on an ironing lady :).

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