Moments that Matter 2013

2 February 2014

To me the Moments that Matter are the times I spend with my family.  These times are often not enough through the hectic daily lives we lead and I often feel that I am neglecting Grotbags through working long hours.
Our annual holiday is my moment to treasure, the look on Grotbags face when she is relaxed and having fun is a huge welcome relief from the OCD anxiety issues that she contends with on a daily basis. From playing on the beach, to fun at the fair, shopping in the malls and cuddles with Daddy, the look on her face is enchanting.  It is true that all we need in our lives is loving and nurturing parents that can protect and show us how to grow in this ever changing society.  I cannot change our work situation but I can help Grotbags to try and overcome her fears.  She is definitely a daddy's girl but will come to me for reassurance and help when things are not going well.
I love these family times and wish we could have more.
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