Week 3 of the #NYNYstyleproject

22 January 2014

Wow I have completed 3 weeks of the #NYNYstyleproject and this is no mean feat for me as I usually forget.

Day 15 - 'Earring' I bought these earrings in Rhodes a few years ago and love them.

Day 16 - 'Woman' I may have wrinkles and a saggy tummy but I'm all woman.

Day17 - 'Warm' I adore these warm eye shadows from Bare Minerals.

Day 18 - 'Sparkly' my adorable owl pendant.

Day 19 - 'Royalty' this was a hard one until I arrived at the stables and found out I would be riding Prince.

Day 20 - 'Nails' gorgeous colour thanks to Sensationail, even matches my cardi.

Day 21 - 'Hair up' mm my hair is too short so I had to do Grotbags.

Day 22 - 'Scarf' beautiful butterfly scarf that the nurses at work bought me for Christmas.

Bring on next weeks challenges.

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