Week 2 of #NYNYstyleproject

15 January 2014

Wow I have completed week 2 of the #NYNYstyleproject and really need to be adding some new items to my wardrobe, cosmetics and accessories.

Day 8 - 'bright' I love this pro-collagen lifting treatment, my skin feels so good after I have applied it.

Day 9 - 'beauty treatment' today was the day my feet had a well deserved pampering.

Day 10 - 'vintage' this dress was the only thing I owned that looked anything like.

Day 11 - 'soft' my gorgeous and warm sheepskin boots.

Day 12 - 'lipstick' I treated myself to a new Bare Minerals lipstick/gloss, I love it.

Day 13 - 'bargain' my scrummy new hat.

Day 14 - 'winter whites' hubbies snuggly jumper when I come home from work.

That's all for this week folk.


  1. I'm loving doing this project but it makes me realise I need to own lots more stuff lol I have no idea what to do for today 'woman' x

  2. Are there categories then? I think I have missed that bit. I have just started blogging and 365 ing and have no clue what I am doing. fish out of water....

  3. Hi Sarah, this us something different in Instagram x

  4. Ah OK thanks!


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