Week 1 of the New Year New You Style Challenge

10 January 2014

I have really enjoyed the New Year New You Style Challenge so far on Instagram brought to you by @AnEssexWife and @ModernMummyUK.

Day 1 'Brand New' - I love my necklace, the stones are almost translucent.

Day 2 'Green' - my favourite eye liner.

Day 3 'Dress' - this dress is so comfy to wear and hides a multitude of sins.

Day 4 'Eye' - my lucky eye from Turkey.

Day 5 'Glitter' - I adore glittery nail polish and this has a gorgeous sheen to it.

Day 6 'High' - I don't usually wear high shoes to work but these are so comfy.

Day 7 'Tartan' - I don't own anything tartan so I had to borrow of Grotbags.

Phew I even remembered to post every day. My memory must be improving. I am looking forward to the rest of the challenge.

Posted on the go :)

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